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In 2015, Slate has redoubled its efforts in the world of podcasting with Panoply, which brings millions of listeners the smartest conversation that podcasting has to offer through over 20 shows. Panoply is a tight knit group of some of the smartest engineers, producers, entrepreneurs and thinkers, and everybody is pulling in the same direction. You’ll be working in tandem with the rest of Slate's development and product team to provide a compelling experience across platforms. Our weekly lunch-and-learns (with free lunch) are for exactly that. Of course, there are also all the normal hey-we’re-cool items to check off your list like flexible office hours, casual dress, location 20 steps from the metro exit, and team happy hours. Slate pioneered podcasting almost a decade ago, but for all of that time, the technology behind on demand audio has not changed. But it’s about to. Today we’re looking for a brilliant full stack Ruby developer to help craft and collaborate around the medium’s future. The ideal candidate should have: