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News OrganizationBlasting News is. fully independent magazine based on the social journalism principle, powered by the voices of thousands of people, called Blasters. Blasting News aims at disrupting the landscape of traditional journalism offering. decentralized, bottom-up, high quality information system, by leveraging on crowdsourcing, on continuously updated-high-end technology and on algorithms applied to online media. Blasting News works in. very attractive market: the sharing economy. The rise of sharing economy is. global reality, currently creating both great value for shareholders and changing people’s behavior. Blasting News will be the next sharing player. representing sharing journalism: everybody can become. reporter, everyone can be free of expressing one’s own ideas. and be paid for that. Blasting News aims at being the next Uber, the next Airbnb, disrupting the elite of traditional editors. Started up in 2013, Blasting News relies on. fast-growing community of 128,000+ Blasters and about 10 million monthly readers. Initially focusing on the Italian community, Blasting News became the fourth biggest digital-native newspaper in just one year. In June 2014 Blasting news has extended its website to 32 countries, by thus showing an explosive growth in the last months. Blasting News key strength is based on proprietary algorithms,. large community of people,. flexible gross margin model, and. proven team of 15 people, mostly made by people who already proved to be successful in. previous start-up case.11 - 50Chiasso, SwitzerlandChiassoSwitzerlandPrivate2014phpjavascriptdesign patternsmemcachednginxnosqlmongodbAmazing TeamBonusBusiness PhoneGreat opportunities of professional growth